Thursday, December 11, 2014

Baby Wave Blanket for Jen & Ryan

I made the Wavy Baby Blanket

I got pattern on Ravelry

I used Caron Simply soft
Soft blue

cast on 98

started with 3 rows   white

pistachio   2 rows

blue   2 rows

White 4 rows

pistachio 2

blue 2       and so on --so the white would break it up and not be so busy!!!

Next Time i would take out 2 repeats ..for the cast on ..and i would go down 1 size hook

finished 30 x 46

I made matching Hats --knitted snowman --baby Booties

Booties pattern is here

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Knitted Snowman Pattern !!

see my blog post  Knitted snowman 2015 for some hat patterns for the snowmen 

Size 5 DBLB needles 

Co 6  plus 1 to join in the round

K1fb  around 
k1fb, k1 across 
k1fb ,k2 across
k1fb, k3 across until you have 30 stitches  

knit around until you have desired height 
or if you need to know about how many rows for a short snowman knit about 33 rounds   -(this will make a snowman that measures about 5 inches high  )-

I now stuff the bottom
I put a little stuffing --then added a little rice--then more stuffing

K2tog, k2 across 
I did this until I have 6 or 9 stitches
Then cut yarn and pulled through remaining stitches
Weave in end---

Then I make Hat and scarf

I tend to Glue on Beads for Eyes and nose  add a little blush for cheeks 

For Hat i have been casting on 30  plus 1 to join in the round   
K2,P2 around ==I do this for about 3 or 4 rounds
Then Knit
Then I do a 3 needle bind off with 2 knitting needles and a crochet hook
I use a Pink pom pom maker from Clover

Scarf  I Chain 40
single crochet 2 rows

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Grapevine Bunny Wreath

My first bunny Wreath ---Still needs a little work  --I thought I bought Wired Ribbon ..will need to Fix Bow --

I bought 2    six inch grape vine wreaths ---soaked them in water
                    soaking them in water will allow you to bend them to get in bunny ear shape

              1    10 inch grape vine Wreath
              1    14 inch grape vine Wreath
               3   5 ft of garland
                    Ribbon   for Bow

I attached all with Wire

Then i pulled the Garland apart and worked it into the wreath
I did use a hot Glue to attach some of the garland

I also made a small one Wreath

2   6 inch Wreaths---for the ears
     8 inch Wreaths
    10 inch Wreath

The below Bunny is the small Bunny

Monday, February 10, 2014

Painting @ Wine & Design

My First night at Wine & Design was alot of fun

Here is how it all started out

This is what it looked like when i left

Of course i could not leave it alone when i got home

Next  Change

Next Change

I am afraid of trying to fix my Water --I did fix my Shadow tree on the left ..just no photo's yet ..

I just have almost no artistic talent --I can color and copy someone else --I don't have Eye  --But for now I have to be Happy with My coloring !!  I am looking forward to my Next February Painting

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

My 4 X 4 Snowmen

I had 3 posts from our old fence cut in three sizes
19 1/2 inches
15 1/2 inches
13  inches

I spray painted them White...

Then i knit the scarves and hats 

I found the eyes at hobby lobby ...they were sew - ology buttons
The noses are Biscuits  used in wood working ..i just painted them orange