Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Knitted Snowman Pattern !!

see my blog post  Knitted snowman 2015 for some hat patterns for the snowmen 

Size 5 DBLB needles 

Co 6  plus 1 to join in the round

K1fb  around 
k1fb, k1 across 
k1fb ,k2 across
k1fb, k3 across until you have 30 stitches  

knit around until you have desired height 
or if you need to know about how many rows for a short snowman knit about 33 rounds   -(this will make a snowman that measures about 5 inches high  )-

I now stuff the bottom
I put a little stuffing --then added a little rice--then more stuffing

K2tog, k2 across 
I did this until I have 6 or 9 stitches
Then cut yarn and pulled through remaining stitches
Weave in end---

Then I make Hat and scarf

I tend to Glue on Beads for Eyes and nose  add a little blush for cheeks 

For Hat i have been casting on 30  plus 1 to join in the round   
K2,P2 around ==I do this for about 3 or 4 rounds
Then Knit
Then I do a 3 needle bind off with 2 knitting needles and a crochet hook
I use a Pink pom pom maker from Clover

Scarf  I Chain 40
single crochet 2 rows


  1. Your snowman are adorable! I teach knitting classes for a homeschool co-op. I think my knitters would love knitting them. Could I print out patterns to share with them so that we can knit them in class?

    Thank you for sharing such a sweet pattern!

    1. absolutely !! So sorry I just found this comment ..hope you printed pattern !! would love to see the finished snowmen

  2. Would you post a link for the hats for the knitted snowman...I wish it were knit flat :( I prefer seaming than fiddling with 2 circular needles and hate dpn Oh well I will be happy to get the links so I can make the snowman :)