Sunday, September 20, 2015

Candy Corn Dish Cloth or Potholder

I love Candy Corn as decorations for Fall ..Here is my Candy Corn Potholder  or can also be done as dishcloth

here is link to pattern

i used the Pattern for Candy Corn Dishcloth
i held 2 strands together…
you do not need to do as many repeats for the pot holder because of the double strands
i did what the pattern recommended..
where it says
Repeat the last 4 rows ionly repeated 3 1/2 times
Repeat the last 4 rows i only repeated 2 times
i made 2 potholders and was very afraid i would run out of yellow as i could not find a bright yellow at any of my local stores…but i did have enough yellow from 1 skien to finish the 2 potholders..

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