Tuesday, October 6, 2015

PUMPKIN Centerpiece --

I have wanted to do this for at least 2 years now ..I had the white pumkins ..but never was brave enough to attempt ..

I bought the White 9 inch pumpkin

I used the pumpking Carving tool .and Cut a hole in the top ..

I did have to keep cutting a little more ...and fitting the foam inside ..I did not want the hole to be to Large --but wanted to have as much foam as possible as well --Once i had the hole big enough  --I Hot glued the foam to the bottom of the pumpkin


I did use Wire Cutters to cut the flowers to make the stems shorter so the would fit at the length I wanted ..Cutting the flowers was really the hardest part of the project 

here was my pumpkin partially finished 

and here is the finished project---

I will say that anyone can do this --I start off not having any clue on what i am doing --
Then  I am pleasantly surprised with the finished project !!!

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