Sunday, October 22, 2017

Painted Rock Snowman

My First attempt at a painted rock ...My mind goes to a snowman ...first one I painted was a snowman face

Painted rock all white --then painted hat a metallic blue 

painted face  --I use Dot tool or back of paint brush to Dot Eyes

I also use the same method to paint the nose ...I drag the back of brush with paint on it to create the CARROT nose .

The pom pom is attached  with a hot glue gun

The brim of the hat I use Glitter snow ..Right now I am using a Q-Tip so add the snow for the brim 

Aleene's Glitter Snow 4oz

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Next rock was Snowmen 

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This one i made for a friend 

Ok, So now I am seeing snowmen in every rock !!


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