Sunday, December 3, 2017

Wooden Snowman, LARGE SNOWMAN

This is a VERY large SNOWMAN  he is 6 foot tall
Decide to make my mom a surprise christmas present
First we bought wood from lowes
3/4 X 20 X 72  Solid wood Panel


We drew the snowman out on the wood then we cut him out
We bought White exterior paint at lowes to paint him

We also cut out the two brim's for the hat  -- as well as two pair of boots for the front and the Back ..we painted those parts black and the hat on the snowman
I also used some blue to Shade the sides of the snowman


we   I got eyes at Hobby Lobby painted black and added white
 got at H
obby Lobby painted black and added white

img_3623 Nose --Painted nose Burnt orange --

Snowflake  ---Americana painted Primary RED , purchased at Joanne's

img_3616 Got this little flower and circle at Michael's ..painted flower pink and circle white

img_3617-1 cut lattice for Arms ..and painted Nutmeg Brown

img_e9497.jpg Meet Charlie !!!

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