Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Painted Snowman Rock Steps

Steps on how to paint a snowman Rock !!
1st find your ROCK ..usually I will wash my Rock and let it dry
I base coat my rock in White ...I will usually draw where i want my hat to sit
Then I pick out my hat color and paint the hat on ..Many times when I use a metallic ..It does not seem to adhere as easily ..So I will base coat a regular paint...then do the metallic paint over it ...it just seems to cut down on the number of coats I need to use for the metallic paint
Then I use a dotting tool or back of a paint brush dipped in black to do the dot eyes

I Then use a black sharpie to draw on a mouth ...I am not great with a brush ...so it is much easier to use a sharpie for me ...

Then I use the Dotting Tool again ..dipped in orange to do the carrot nose..I drag it to get the carrot

Then I use lipstick and a Q-tip to dab on a little Rosie cheeks

Then I use a dotting tool ...or back of paint bursh or Tooth pick or even a pencil eraser and white
paint to add the dots on the hat


At this point I Modge podge a coat over the rock ...I forgot to do it here ...but easier to do it here then to do it after you add the brim ...This helps to seal the paint ..and stopping the  mouth from running ...After the rock is done ..I do seal with with a spray paint sealer

Then to do the brim ..I use glitter snow ...I use to use a Q-tip to add it ..but I recently took a wooden skewer cut in half ...it gives me a little more easy with adding the project

At this point I spray paint it with Rust-oleum Crystal Clear Enamel  to seal it

Then I use a Hot glue gone to glue a pom pom on the top --


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