Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Ballband Hanging Dishtowel


This pattern is multiples of 6 + 3

I cast on 75

until i had the towel about 13 inches long
decrease row on a knit row… Or Rights side Row
also during this process the row does not come out evenly..but I just really wing it..I think that I probably would have added a couple more rows so the top was bigger by adding in a all knit row a couple of times in between the purl rows

Row 1:* K2 ,k2tog* across
Row 2: K2, P across, K2
Row 3:*K2, K2tog ,K2* across
Row 4: K2 ,P across,K2
Row 5: *K2,K2tog* across
Row 6: K2, P across,K2
Row 7: *K2,K2tog* across
til there are 10 stitches left

this is where u need to decide if you want knit row when flap is folded over.
If so reverse what u were doing..knit side on wrong side then pearl rows on
right side ..on the below directions

Row 1:k2 ,p across ,k2
Row 2: knit…
did these 2 rows till lenght i wanted tab

Row 1 (RS) k4, bind off 3, k3.
Row 2 k4 cast on 3 , k3.
Rows 3 knit
Row 4 K2 p across k2.
Row 5 ssk, k6, k2tog—8 sts.
Row 6 K2, P across ,k2.
Row 7 ssk, k4 k2tog—6 sts.
Row 8 K2, P across, k2.
Row 9 ssk, k2 k2tog—4 sts.
Row 10 P across
Bind off remaining 4 stitches


  1. I love the ballband pattern so you gotta know i love this! thanks for the inspiration and pattern!

  2. you are very welcome ..hope to see you Ballband hanging towel soon !!