Sunday, November 24, 2013

Sock Snowmen

Christmas Sock Snowmen --so very Easy

Buy White Socks

Cut White Sock  ..right now i am just using the top of the sock ...not the toe part

After I cut it i turn inside out and rubber band as below then turn right side

Then Fill with Rice   and Rubber band again at the top

Then i Cut the Sock ...Usually i Just Cut At The Heel  --The foot part i use as the Hat --The other part i am using as the Sweater 

i have been using the Band part of the sock at the Neck of the Snowman   and i will usually Tie a piece of Cotton Yarn at the neck of the snowman to define the neck ..and then just cover it up with the sweater

I found these Beads at michaels for the Eyes   this is what the package looked like after i took out the beads..I am hot gluing my Eyes on

For Eyes you can use Beads or Buttons...people have also used marker...

 I also Found These Beads below At michaels which i use for the noise could also use Tooth picks cut in two and painted orange  or a pipe cleaner   or felt ...just use whatever works for you ..i am hot gluing them

For the Cheeks i have just put a little blush on my finger and put it on the sock !!

i have done many things for the snowmen them self    i have Crocheted a Brim and glued to the sock ...i have used the toe part of the white sock and put the pattern sock over it and glued them together for the hat .

Here are a few examples of what i have made !!  So Far I have been limited to what kind of socks. It was to early in the season for christmas socks

Good luck !!!

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