Thursday, November 19, 2015

Knitted Snowmen 2015

What more can I say ..I am officially Addicted to Snowmen

Pattern to knit snowmen 

The First two snowmen were made with Lion Brand homespun and Size 9 knitting needles ..much larger than I was making before 

Here is basic pattern I used for Hats 
CO 30
K2 p2 around for 3 rows
knit 12 rows 
Knit 3, K2tog * repeat around.
Knit 2, K2tog * repeat around.
Knit 10 rows
Knit 1, K2tog * repeat around.
Knit 5 rows
K2tog * repeat around.(i did this until i had 3 stitches …and then did a I cord for about 10 rows
cut --and pulled tail through remaining stitches
Cut approx 6 inch tail. Using a tapestry needle thread through remaining stitches and pull to tighten. I strung a small bell to the tip. And wove ends in.

and added a Bell to bottom
this was inspired by Thank you ….very much for sharing --- 

this was also pattern for 3 below snowmen 

Hat 28 +1 to cast on
k2,p2 around for about 4 or 4 rounds 
knit around unitl you have desired height 
move stitches to 2 needles --then do 3 needle bind off --i use a crochet hook to crochet off
scarf --Chain 38 Crochet G hook

Pattern for below snowmen 
co 28 plus 1 to join DBLB points
2k p2 around for about 7 rounds 
knit around until you have desired height 
k2tog , k4 around 
k2tog ,k4 around 
kept doing above until i had 9 stitches --then cut yarn and pulled thru all remaining stitches

Hat for Below snowmen 
Hat Co 28 + 1 to join
k2,p2 around for 3 rounds
k around ---for 4 rows 
p around for 3 rows 
k around for 4 rows 
p around for 3 rows 
k around 4 rows 
p around for 3 rows 
k around 
k4 k2tog around 
k3 k2tog round 
k2 k2tog around 
k1 k2tog around
if you now have 14 stitches or less cut yarn and pull through all stitches

Mini Bowling Pin Snowmen

A friend found me Mini bowling pins so i could make snowmen

I sanded ...then Painted White

I Knit Hats Co 14 stitches

Painted Face on using tooth pick for eyes and nose

then Sharpie for mouth

Sunday, November 1, 2015


I Cut my 4x4 post in 3  lengths--
10 inches, 7 inches & 4 inches
I first Painted my 10 inches & 7 Inch post Orange

Painted my 4 inch post WhiteWhit


Make sure you let them dry well 

My 10 inch post I then put 2 different size of painters tape around it to make stripes (then I painted it White )

The 7 inch & 4 inch post I put on Dot Stickers (painted 7inch White 4 inch Orange

I let them dry then pulled off tape and stickers ..

so next we drilled a hole and put in a screw-- then Cut of the end of the screw

Then drilled a hole in the tree branch we cut for the stem

made burlap bows

Finished product 

I love them 

Thank you --  for my inspiration!!! yours were so cute i could not resist !!