Thursday, December 22, 2016


Creamer Bottle Snowmen --for 5th Grade christmas craft--Teacher does the Hot gluing for kids

We began them as a very simple craft

We use Coffee mate  Creamer bottles

We have the Kids fill with cotton balls

We use Stick for Arms .google eyes--orange foam for nose --pipe cleaner cut in half and pom poms for the ear muffs ...

Here is one with out the vest \

Over time we have added a few more pieces to improve the craft

Someone was nice enough to share the Vest pattern and Mitten pattern with me ..Wish I could remember who ..but my computer crashed and I lost my emails

Here is one that I made as an example

I added some yarn around the vest--I used beads for the eyes and Nose

Saturday, December 10, 2016


I got my pumpkins at Hobby Lobby when the were 80% off i had slim pickins on the pumpkins ..

I Think he turned out pretty Cute ..even though i did not like his body type

I first cut off the Stems of the artificial pumpkins

 10.4 X10.2 in


 6.8X9.2 in 

Then i spray painted them white 

I then filled small baggies with RICE and fed them through the hole where the stem was so help give the pumpkin some weight 

I hot glued them together 

I used round buttons for the Eyes 

I used a wooden biscuit for the nose ...just painted it orange 

I had  a knit scarf 

i used Pom Pom's for the front buttons 

I found these for the arms ..I just cut off the balls 

MEET CHARLIE --Another member of my snowman addiction   ..I definitely think next year I will make him a friend