Monday, November 23, 2009

Modfied Feather & Fan Hanging Dishtowel

Modified Feather & Fan Hanging Dishtowel

This is a combination of 2 main different patterns

Modified feather & fan dishcloth by Mary Anne

of course the Feather and fan pattern

This pattern is multiples of 18 + 6
I cast on 78

I just follow the Modified Feather & Fan pattern above until i had the towel about 13 inches long

decrease row on a knit row… Or Rights side Row
Row 1: *K2 ,k2tog* across
Row 2: K3, P across, K3
Row 3:*K2,K2tog*, across
Row 4: K3, P across,K3
Row 5: K2,K2tog across
Row 6: K3, P across,K3
Row 7: K2,K2tog, across
til there are 10 stitches left

This is where you need to decide if you want the knit side to show when you fold over the flap..if so reverse what u are doing now…the Right side now becomes the pearl side ..and the wrong side becomes the knit row when you do the below rows

Row 1:k2 ,p across ,k2
Row 2: knit…
did these 2 rows till lenght i wanted tab

Row 1  (RS) k4, bind off 3, k3.
Row 2  k4 cast on 3 , k3.
Row 3  knit
Row 4  K2 p across k2.
Row 5  ssk, k6, k2tog—8 sts.
Row 6  K2, P across ,k2.
Row 7  SSK, k4 k2tog—6 sts.
Row 8  K2, P across, k2.
Row 9  SSK, k2 k2tog—4 sts.
Row 10 P across
Bind off remaining 4 stitches


  1. I LOVE the towel!! Can't wait to take the time to make one

  2. ALISON,

    cant wait to see photos !!!!

    Thank you

  3. very cute..i love knitting also, i find it very relaxing..i love to organized my kitchen..

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