Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Grapevine Bunny Wreath

My first bunny Wreath ---Still needs a little work  --I thought I bought Wired Ribbon ..will need to Fix Bow --

I bought 2    six inch grape vine wreaths ---soaked them in water
                    soaking them in water will allow you to bend them to get in bunny ear shape

              1    10 inch grape vine Wreath
              1    14 inch grape vine Wreath
               3   5 ft of garland
                    Ribbon   for Bow

I attached all with Wire

Then i pulled the Garland apart and worked it into the wreath
I did use a hot Glue to attach some of the garland

I also made a small one Wreath

2   6 inch Wreaths---for the ears
     8 inch Wreaths
    10 inch Wreath

The below Bunny is the small Bunny


  1. How long did you soak the wreath in water? I soaked them for a couple of days and they didn't budge lol. Wonder if I did something wrong?

    1. I think soaked it for about an hour ..maybe 2